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Some info before you buy a kitten from me!

Kitten grows up as a family member.

Kitten leave home between 12-14 weeks.

They have with them when they leave from home :

* kitten are registered in NRR and also a note from me.

* Pedigree

* Kittens are sold with a NRR vererinary attest

* Kittens are vaccinated 1 times when thay are 12 weeks old and will stay home some days after the vaccination.

* Kittenpack

Our kitten stay all the time with us not i close romms. They shall be safe kitten when they leave home and I did not sell to everyone.
I sell only kitten when I got a mail with info and a phone call. And perhaps peopel can come and look at the kitten, but I can and will send photo of the kitten pr mail.

Free- The kitten are free to buy.

On hold-someone has ask for the kitten but have not pay the deposit.

Reserved-someone has payed for the kitten, but the kitten can be free again.

And if I have to send the kitten the money must be on my conto before the kitten will be send.

Something you have to read befor you buy one of this cat/kitten

to read more

to read more